Our experienced motor accident investigators carry out comprehensive enquiries. Their reports, supported by professional photographs and accurately scaled drawings of the location, can be subsequently used in any litigation process.


The use of modern monitoring equipment and surveillance techniques by Apex International can assist companies when an employee is suspected of defrauding the employer. The resulting evidence can be used to support disciplinary action at Industrial Tribunals or in civil / criminal proceedings. Typical investigations include intellectual property issues, leaking of plans and sensitive material, commercial espionage, cash theft, misappropriation of funds, embezzlement, patent and copyright fraud and any other fraudulent activity between companies, individuals or investors.


Fraudulent claims for redundancy / unemployment, credit debt and personal accident are increasing and under-resourced Government departments are often forced to accept claims at face value. Apex International can monitor suspect claimants’ activities and should these activities deem their claim fraudulent, documentary and video evidence can be provided to support any subsequent action.


To prevent serious problems of theft and fraud an employer needs to be sure about an individual before making a job offer. This is done by cross-checking a CV with previous employers and general background enquiries.


With claims against employers and their insurers on the increase and in view of the fact that liability policies often carry considerable excess clauses, it is obviously in the interest of both parties to scrutinise the validity of any claim. The expertise of Apex International can often reduce or even negate claims, benefiting both employer and insurer.


Tracing missing persons can reunite family and friends after many years apart. The task may involve UK, European and Worldwide searches. Also the circumstances surrounding the disappearance will be investigated, the personality and state of mind of the individual will be looked into and friends and relatives interviewed.


Apex International provide a complete motor vehicle theft investigation service with a rapid response facility if required. Investigations can include interviewing and taking statements from witnesses, third parties, claimants and, where necessary, the Police. Vehicle documents are thoroughly scrutinised for any evidence of alteration. All investigations are supported by an in-depth report including DVLA information where relevant.


The regular abuse of this type of policy can efficiently countered through discreet enquiry and surveillance by Apex International, once again resulting in substantial savings for the insurance company.


Insurance companies now recognise that significant financial benefits can be gained by employing investigators to asses the validity or otherwise of personal injury claims. Apex International conduct discreet enquiries and surveillance and the use of modern technology can produce irrefutable evidence to discredit fraudulent claimants.


This is the formal service of documents (such as a statutory demand, prohibitive steps order, a Mareva Injunction, bankruptcy order, summons) to an individual, company or other entity in a legally binding way. All investigators at Apex International are fully experienced Process Servers. On receipt of instructions we follow through fully by completing our own Affidavits and ensure expeditious delivery by hand or via other facility.

Typical Documents we serve:

  • Order to Attend Court for Questioning (N39)
  • Suspended Committal Order (N79A)
  • Non Molestation Order
  • Residence Order
  • Statutory Demand
  • Prohibited Steps Order
  • Injunction
  • Licensing Act Notices
  • Bankruptcy Petition
  • Winding Up Petition
  • Claim Forms
  • Break Notices
  • Divorce Petition
  • Children Act
  • Family Proceedings
  • Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO)
  • Witness Summons



Apex can undertake to test your security systems both during office hours and when your premises are unattended. This can be done for businesses and private residences. A full report will be prepared with any suggestions for improvement included.


Unsuccessful damage claims can incur thousands of pounds in costs. Through discreet or direct enquiry Apex International can determine the true financial status of a third party, providing the information necessary for insurers to evaluate their options.


Surveillance of individuals, workplaces or premises can be undertaken without the subject(s) being aware of any investigation.


The taking of statements from witnesses for use in both criminal and civil court proceedings. The statements can be taken for individuals or companies in respect of insurance claims, civil claims and disputes, civil litigation and motor accident claims. We can arrange to escort the witness to court.

Local, national and international

Based on the south coast of England, Apex International operates throughout England, UK and internationally.

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