Employee vetting

Apex International investigators are stringently vetted and are required to produce exemplary, verifiable professional and character references before they can be employed for any contract.

Dress code

Our investigators are expected to comply with our strict dress code and to conduct themselves in a respectful manner when dealing with clients, subjects under investigation or any other contact, regardless of circumstance(s).

In-house training

All of our investigators undergo complete in-house training of documentary procedures and use of equipment and are thoroughly conversant with the reforms introduced by the current Civil Procedures Rules.


We will not accept any instruction for investigation, surveillance or any activity that cannot be justified or does not comply with civil and / or criminal law, nor will it permit any investigator to enter into or instigate any such activity.


All investigative material supplied is accurate and wholly factual and of the standards required to support subsequent actions as appropriate.

Local, national and international

Based on the south coast of England, Apex International operates throughout England, UK and internationally.

Here to help wherever we are needed. Serving:

  • Avon
  • Isle of Wight
  • Oxfordshire
  • Sussex East
  • Bristol
  • Kent
  • Somerset
  • Sussex West
  • Dorset
  • London
  • Surrey
  • Wiltshire
  • Hampshire
  • England
  • UK and beyond